Project Management
From the initial consultation through occupation of your new building, JEEMCO has the expertise to manage your project. With 25 years of experience of effectively completing projects from ranging from preassembled buildings to design builds and major renovations, JEEMCO has the knowledge needed to ensure your project will be completed on time and at budget.

Project management begins with an initial consultation to determine how to best meet the needs of the customer. From there JEEMCO will ensure local permitting and building code requirements are meet and oversee the entire project, coordinating communications with customer, contractor, vendors and suppliers to ensure a smooth construction process.

“While working for Verizon Communications-Real Estate Operations, JEEMCO was most often the general contractor responsible for the entire project. In this capacity, they managed all sub-contractors, project schedules, budgets, equipment submittals and construction documentation for such projects as building additions, large HVAC upgrades, generator replacements and office renovations. Additional, they were also the general contractor for the critical Verizon PA Colocation program. This major program was an on-going endeavor for several years, and it is a testament to the quality work and dedication by the JEEMCO team.

Verizon Communications requires strict compliance with all cooperate policies and construction guidelines, and expects quality workmanship and safe operating practices on every job. JEEMCO Construction consistently adhered to all policies and completed their work operations in a very professional fashion.

Michael D. Carothers Verizon Communications

Our customers include:
  • Cenveo Inc.
  • Westminster College
  • Verizon