Commercial & Retail Building
Commercial Building
When it comes to building a commercial structure, the customer drives the process. Whether you are looking for a small pre-assembled building or an extensive steel structure for your company, JEEMCO is the contractor that will listen and offer you the best value, while carefully considering your needs regarding aesthetic appearance, versatility, and flexibility for expansion. Plus our expert management will ensure all applicable state and local building code requirements are met. Large or small, your next project can benefit from the expertise and problem-solving skills JEEMCO provides.

JEEMCO can supply and install your pre-assembled buildings to serve a variety of purposes with very little interruption in your daily business. Many pre-assembled and modular paneled offices can be supplied pre-wired, with HVAC and electrical outlets. Buildings are designed to be easily moved from site to site by crane or forklift.
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Your building may be constructed by rigid-frame steel, pole supported, wooden framed, masonry brick/block or any combination of materials, systems or techniques. In addition to the interior finishes and plumbing, heating, and HVAC you would expect, your building interior may include riggings, conveying systems, or a foundation suitable for heavy equipment. The building exterior may be pre-fabricated metal, brick, vinyl, or wood. Concrete may be used for its structure and support, but it might also be stamped and colored as a decorative finishing touch.
Retail Building
Impress your customers with a retail building built by our construction. JEEMCO designs, builds, subcontracts for, and completes all kinds of retail structures to meet your needs.
• Bagel & Bread™
• FireDex of Butler, Inc.™
• Gealy Memoria Monuments™
• Lane Enterprises™
• Midas Muffler™
• New Castle Industries™
• Reynolds Lumber™
• Solar Atmosphere™
• Chadderton Trucking™
• Cinimod, Inc.™
• Gearhart Services™
• Mazza Vineyards™
• McCandless Ford™
• New Castle Battery MFG Co.™
• Roberts Kennels™
• Specialty Restorations, Inc.™
• Custom Lawn Center™
• Five Filer Brothers™
• Haines Reality™
• MCAR, Inc.™
• New Wilmington Auto Parts™
• Pizza Joes™
• Sodexho Services™
• Liberty Mutual Insurance™
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